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News & Insights

SCI Announces Placement of Head of Administration/Infrastructure - Corporate Real Estate

GIC CRE The new hire will oversee corporate real estate services, office administration and procurement, workplace sustainability and wellness, and business continuity in multiple offices in North and South America.

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SCI Announces Search for a Senior Vice President of Acquisition - Mixed Use Real Estate

svp acq mxu The position will lead capital deployment targeting covered land plays in high-density urban Mid-Atlantic markets.

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SCI Announces Search for an SVP of LIHTC Acquisitions - Affordable Housing

svp lihtc This position will play a key role in the continued growth of the company's tax credit investment platform, with full responsibility for overseeing the LIHTC business line.

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SCI Announces Search for a Chief Financial Officer - Mixed Use Real Estate

cfo mxu The role, which will be a key position in the corporate succession plan, will lead the comprehensive financial components of the company.

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SCI Announces Search for a President of Development - Industrial/Mixed Use

pres dev ind SCI is excited to announce that we have been retained to recruit a President of Development for a real estate firm that is a leading force behind the adaptive reuse of commercial and industrial properties throughout the United States.

The position will be responsible for conceptual...

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