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SCI Releases 2024 Homebuilding Compensation Report

hb comp 24

SCI's 2024 Homebuilding Compensation Report is now available.

A year of mortgage rates >5% has brought moderation to all areas of the sector, and compensation is no exception.

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SCI and Student Housing Business Publish 2023 Student Housing Compensation Report

2023 stu comp survey

Total compensation was up across the board for nearly all positions in the survey for 2022, though base salaries saw only marginal increases. Bonus compensation accounted for most of the gains, with many employ-ers reporting the widespread use of discretionary hiring and retention incentive pa...

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SCI Releases 2023 Homebuilding Compensation Report

hb comp 2023 After years of increases, the growing economic headwinds might finally be putting a damper on industry compensation.

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SCI Releases 2022 Homebuilding Compensation Report

hb comp report The shift toward remote work and flexible hours is beginning to have an impact on hiring and compensation trends in the site- and schedule-centered homebuilding industry.

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2021 Student Housing Compensation Survey

stu sur 2021 The first survey conducted after a year of the pandemic shows some of its impact on compensation, but will the effects be long-term?

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