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Albert A. DeMauro

SCI Announces Placement of VP of Development - Affordable Housing

vp dev aff The role will work closely with the CEO and COO to identify and pursue development opportunities while also expanding the company’s geographic range.

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SCI Announces Search for a VP of Acquisitions - Industrial Real Estate

vp acquisitions search This role will source, underwrite, and close new acquisition and development opportunities throughout the Midwest for a leading industrial real estate investor/developer.

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SCI Announces Search for Director of Capital Markets - Multifamily

director of capital markets SCI is pleased to announce a search assignment for a capital markets executive to raise funds on behalf of a US-based family office focused on both new multifamily developments and existing property acquisitions.

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Using Down Time to Move Up

certifications Have you been putting off that professional certification because you haven't had the time? Now might be the perfect opportunity to give your career a boost.

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SCI Announces the Placement of Molly North to the Board of Directors of Griffin Industrial Realty

molly north griffin board The President & Chief Executive Officer of Al. Neyer joins the Griffin Board as the company enters a new growth phase.

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