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Albert A. DeMauro

Using Down Time to Move Up

certifications Have you been putting off that professional certification because you haven't had the time? Now might be the perfect opportunity to give your career a boost.

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SCI Announces the Placement of Molly North to the Board of Directors of Griffin Industrial Realty

molly north griffin board The President & Chief Executive Officer of Al. Neyer joins the Griffin Board as the company enters a new growth phase.

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SCI Announces the Promotions of Albert DeMauro & Daniel Schachter to Managing Director

SCI Promotes DeMauro & Schachter DeMauro and Schachter, who both joined SCI in 2013, are the newest members of the company's leadership team.

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Career Pathing (and Why You Need It)

Career Path Attain your dream job with a solid career path plan.

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SCI Sponsors REAL Spring Social

REAL Spring Social Image

SCI partnered with REAL (Real Estate Aspiring Leaders) to sponsor the organization's Spring Social in NYC.

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