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2019 Student Housing Compensation Survey

SCI's annual "Student Housing Industry Compensation Survey" was just published in the July/August issue of Student Housing Business.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the survey.  We set another record for participation this year, and the involvement of both companies and individuals helps ensure the accuracy of the data we provide to the industry. 

You can download a copy of the survey at the link below:

2019 Student Housing Compensation Survey


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We work with some of the best companies in the industry.

  • GID
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  • Brookfield
  • Bainbridge
  • BH
  • Rose
  • Steadfast
  • TruAmerica
  • TCB
  • LCOR
  • Sares
  • Lantower
  • Trinitas
  • GMH
  • Key
  • Exeter
  • GIC
  • TCC
  • AHI
  • BFIM
  • Colony
  • Duke
  • SunTrust
  • Parx