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James C. McGuire

SCI Announces Search for a Division President - Homebuilding

dp hb The role will oversee P&L operations of the company's growing Houston division (~300 houses/year).  

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SCI Announces Search for a Chief Operating Officer - Multifamily Development

coo mf dev The new role will focus on strategic planning and the coordination of departmental leadership required to help the organization continue its growth.

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SCI Announces Search for a Head of Property Management - Affordable Housing

HPM AFF The executive will be part of the company's leadership team with responsibility for the overall management of a growing LIHTC portfolio along the East Coast.

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SCI Releases 2022 Homebuilding Compensation Report

hb comp report The shift toward remote work and flexible hours is beginning to have an impact on hiring and compensation trends in the site- and schedule-centered homebuilding industry.

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SCI Announces Placement of President - Homebuilding

hb pres The new hire will oversee the P&L operations of the company as it continues its plan for aggressive growth.

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